Our Houses

Project Encompass strives to be an integral asset to the Howard County community, as it fosters a spirit of caring, builds capacity for self-sufficiency and independence to women formerly unable to contribute to their own success. We will prove to be a catalyst for social change by making every effort to end homelessness and recidivism by supporting women as they transform their lives to freedom of past hurts, habits and hang-ups.  Our houses, will support women who are willing and able to work towards self-sufficiency by providing a safe haven of shelter, programs, housing, life and employment skills, and relapse prevention without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. 

Admission Criteria

The most important criteria for admission is that the person be female, must be independent with all activities of daily living.  Potential residents must also be ambulatory and cannot be suffering from incontinence or any chronic physical illness that would make them unable to participate in the program requirements or would prevent them from being able to successfully transition to independent living.

 They must be willing to do something different with their lives by participating in a therapeutic environment resulting in independent living.  Clients must participate in random drug testing resulting in negative drug testing at all times; demonstrate behaviors of abstinence at all times and provide current immunization record and show evidence of a physical within one (1) year to eighteen (18) months.   Our houses are not a detox center and potential residents would have to have a negative drug screen and be clean for at least 21 days prior to being admitted.  


Understand this is a Christian based organization managing facilities in Christian homes. We walk in the TRUTH of The Real Understanding of True Healing. Relying on the truth that God is with us and providing resources to help get through the process with His guidance.

Pray for everyone entering the facility to be changed and healed from the inside out as they get acclimated and become familiar with the facility, process, and structure. We provide additional resource materials to help continued planning and preparation of living independent and a self-sufficient lifestyle.